about me

Hi I'm Scott! Nice to meet you!

I like to design and code. I consider myself to be a creative person— I love making something new. I'm passionate about learning new things (somehow more since I've graduated from college).

This website is split into two parts. Work Scott will showcase my professional side, while Fun Scott will help you get to know me outside of the typical porfolio information.

W o r k S c o t t F u n S c o t t

Job History

Work Scott here. This is my time to shine. Here are some places I've worked (or am currently working).

Freelance Web Developer

Moonlite Creative

I do freelance web design as Moonlite Creative. Moonlite Creative is a digital agency that specializes in design, development, hosting and more. I create custom web pages, graphics and photos, and perform SEO and maintenance for client websites. Want a super cool new website? Let me know!

Digital Strategist

Generation Vote

I also am a digital strategist for Generation Vote, which empowers youth to be agents of change in local electoral politics. I am responsible for the nonprofit’s overall technological vision, as well as overseeing it's messaging, brand development, and communications strategy. I also manage and maintain our website and social media accounts.


Study Clash

I cofounded Study Clash, an educational mobile and web application that gamifies studying. Study Clash converts notes into multiple-choice trivia games so that students can learn classroom material as they compete with their friends. In addition to conceiving the idea for Study Clash, I led the front-end development and design of the web application, built using Ruby on Rails. I also designed the game’s avatars and contributed to the iOS and Android apps using React Native.

Study Clash won Binghamton University's Idea Pitch Competition and the Mason Emerging Innovators Award at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It participated in the Cardozo Tech Startup Clinic and the Accelerate WPI program.

Design/ Web Dev Intern

Langton Creative Group

Worked at Langton Creative Group, an award-winning design firm where I helped design and create branding, packaging, and websites for clients. Among my projects was contributing to the MirrorLite website, which went on to win the 2018 American Web Design Award and 2018 Communicator Award.

Front-End Developer Intern

Idea Kraft

I worked at Idea Kraft, a website development, packaging design, and digital marketing agency, as a Front-End Developer Intern from January 2017 to May 2017. I worked on web pages, landing pages and email templates for clients, using my skills in WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite and graphic design.

Software Developer Intern


I worked at CipherHealth, a health tech startup, as a Software Development Intern from June to August 2015. I worked with applications in Ruby on Rails and tested with RSpec and Cucumber. I wrote in Ruby, HAML, CSS, and SASS; used MongoDB for the database; and cleaned up code with Rubocop.


Work Scott again. Here's a look into some of my strengths.

Web Development

I am experienced in making quick, responsive websites using:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, React, Git, React Native, jQuery,
Python, Wordpress


I also am skilled in branding, graphics design and illustrations.

I mostly use:
Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Indesign

Fun Facts

Fun Facts? Guess that means it's time for Fun Scott!

Contact Me

Let's talk! You can contact me at: